The Bachelor Episode Recap: Week 7

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Jake takes Gia, Tenley and Vienna on a romantic getaway to St. Lucia and a heart-broken Ali asks for a second chance.

Up until Ali's shocking decision to leave the show (and Jake) to save her job, it seemed Gia was most likely on the chopping block and on this, the night's first date; she'll have to really prove why she belongs to stay.

Most of Gia and Jake's St. Lucia date is very steamy. There's lots of hand-holding, kissing, flirting, etc. Their physical connection is in no question on this date. However, that's never been this couple's problem and for Gia to remain through to the final two, she's got to push herself to be a little more forthcoming emotionally. Even at the beginning of the episode, Jake reflects on his time with Gia and says she's been the most closed-up. Over a romantic dinner on the beach, the emotional and physical chemistry between the duo is palpable and Gia narrates that she's ready and waiting to tell Jake she's falling in love with him. She doesn't say it at dinner. She doesn't say it on the beachfront hammock. She doesn't even say it when the two share a romantic bubble bath in their fantasy suite even though she voices over the scene that she's ready to use the L-word with Jake 4 or 5 times (or so it seems). You just want to push the words out of Gia's mouth because it's so frustrating to watch. She wants to say it and Jake, at this point, really needs to hear it but the entire date goes by and 'love' doesn't pop up once from Gia (even though their date turns out to possibly be the most romantic out of the three).

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