'The Bachelor' Episode 7 Live Recap: Gettin' Loose in St. Lucia Season 14, Episode 7

Good evening, Bachelor fans! I hope that you either enjoyed a relaxing day off, or, if you had to go to work today, channeled your resentment into hours of daydreaming about the two-hour half-naked make-out extravaganza that is The Bachelor Fantasy Suite Night.

After all, it IS Presidents' Day, and the freedoms to sleep in, waste time, and watch scantily clad pretty people frolic on exotic beaches are what our founding fathers toiled so hard to earn for us, the American people.

So let's make 'em proud.

Tonight on The Bachelor: Jake takes his final three women to St. Lucia for private, week-long bikini 'n' champagne expo, and Ali calls Jake to admit she was only fooling when she said she'd rather have her job than a free trip to St. Lucia. Will Jake give her a re-do, or a re-DON'T?

We open on St. Lucia, the perfect place to fall in love. But to fall in love with Jake? Not if he keeps wearing that hat! Before the dates begin, Jake reminds us of each of his final three's names (Gia, Tenley and Vienna) and their respective faults (insecurity, baggage, immaturity). Jake says Vienna is immature in a way that, if they got married, they could "mature together." Riiiiight.

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