Dollhouse: "Getting Closer" Review Season 2, Episode 11

This was a good -- if somewhat rushed and messy -- episode of Dollhouse, which was capped off by one hell of an ending, that featured two huge twists and instantly elevated the storyline.

It's funny seeing the back and forth on the portrayal of Caroline. When we saw her in Season 1, she came off as completely unlikable - self-righteous and pigheaded. I feel like there's been a lot of work this season by the writers to try to fix that mistake, by writing into the story that perhaps Caroline is not meant to be liked - which continued here with DeWitt describing her as someone who "left quite a trail of unhappiness in her wake, and a few bodies."

This episode featured the return of Bennett (Summer Glau), as we found out more about her history with Caroline. Flashbacks showed us how Caroline infiltrated Bennett's life, becoming her friend, in order to get to Rossum. More importantly, we learned that young Bennett was a person with GIANT RIDICULOUS GLASSES. Seriously, I get they were going for the whole She's All That thing (OMG, if you take the glasses off that girl, she's hot!), but these glasses were epic in their dorkiness. They pretty much took over every scene they were in. Did I mention these glasses were distracting?

What we found out about Bennett was… confusing. So okay, she finds out that Caroline was using her, but quickly is onboard for taking down Rossum - it seems just the briefest statement from Caroline on their evilness has her convinced to go along with Caroline and blow up the place she works at. We then find out that Caroline leaving Bennett behind wasn't quite as bad as first glimpsed - she did try to help her, by making it look like she was working at the lab, not breaking in.

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