Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 5 PoV Competition/ Veto Ceremony

Hell hath no fury like a showmance scorned. Let's just say Rachel and Brendon are not too happy about being putting up on the block by HOH Matt and they don't care who knows it. This is the only alliance I have ever seen on BIG BROTHER who didn't seem to understand that they need others NOT to vote them out of the house. Rachel and Brendon carried on like whiny babies, yelling at Matt, calling him a midget and crying to each other about how they can't go on without each other. Ugh. This is why when you are an alliance and keep on winning HOH, you attempt to make nice with the rest of the folks of the house.

Brendon promises Rachel, while they are both weeping over their situation, that he will win the POV and use it on her, but Rachel won't take it sin;ce she knows she can't make it without Brendon. Sadly, Rachel seems to have forgotten that she's done nearly everything in this game without Brendon. Also, all this stress is doing one hell of a number on Rachel as her skin is freaking out hardcore, her extensions look terrible and overall she looks a mess.

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