'30 Rock' 10 best lines: No one say 'Comcast'

What a strange episode of 30 Rock. Funny in places, absolutely, but so plot-heavy it hardly felt like a trip to the TGS studio at all. The over-reliance on the inside jokes about Comcast buying NBC, a whole lot of Avery, zero overlap between A-story and B-story, and the complete absence of any of the writer characters and Grizz and Dot Com? What just happened? Here are the 10 best lines from 'Future Husband,' presented with furious head-scratching.

'You're too late! I already killed her!' - Liz, who's totally wearing the PJs from the James Franco episode.

'Just like that movie I only saw the first 10 minutes of, Fatal Attraction!' - Kenneth, who knows everything works out

'He could be a serial killer! He could wear a thumb ring!' - Liz

'When can I start eating hard cheeses again?' - Liz, just before she's handed the marvelous pamphlet 'Hard Cheeses and Your Root Canal, Liz'

'Who's here? I need someone to be outraged to!' - Jenna, who knows exactly what it takes to qualify for a Tony nomination

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