'The Real World': Is It Getting Good Again?

Short answer: Yes. Maybe even, Yes!

Confession: Not bragging, but I have seen every episode of every season of 'The Real World.' OK, I'm not ashamed of it, either, so peddle your wisenheimer remarks elsewhere, mister.

Point is, for a lot of viewers, 'The Real World' was the first reality show we really plugged into. And though, admittedly, the last few seasons have been forgettable, it's the chance of a return to past glory -- the Los Angeles season with 'Boot Scoot Boogie'-in Jon and the infamous Tammy/David blanket fight, 'San Francisco' with grimy peanut butter pilferer Puck and the unforgettable Pedro, 'Miami' with the sex-in-the-shower eavesdropping and the Dan/Melissa photo fight, 'Seattle' and the Stephen slap and 'Hawaii' and pretty much every moment involving Ruthie -- that has kept me tuning in.

Again, for the last few seasons, that has been in vain; I can't even remember the name of a single cast member from 'Real World' Cancun or D.C. (the series' worst season ever ratings-wise), and only singer/songwriter/aspiring filmmaker/Army soldier Ryan Conklin made an impression from amongst the 'RW: Brooklyn' cast.

But as the show heads to New Orleans for its 24th season -- back to New Orleans, actually; the ninth 'RW' also unfolded in the Big Easy, with cast members like Julie the Mormon, Melissa the comedian and David with his infamous 'Come On, Be My Baby Tonight' tune (see, lots of things to remember about the old school seasons) -- I'm optimistic that the venerable reality series is making a comeback.

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