Recap: "Echoes"

Dollhouse 2.0: Whedon Strikes Back continued to build on the 'verse it expanded on big time last week. Revelatory flashbacks told the story of Caroline's path to "volunteering" while the entire staff from the Dollhouse was given a long overdue chance to shine. The episode was Grade-A Mutant Enemy: Smart, funny and bursting with twists.

Welcome back to's Dollhouse blog. I was glad to see that the readers were so impressed by the show's turn in quality last week that we hit a record number of posts for a Dollhouse board. While I expected there to be a great number of disappointed reactions, I couldn't be happier to say I was wrong. With few exceptions, readers seem to be on the same page.

This is the show we expected from Joss and Co. I think it now seems obvious that while the earlier episodes were entertaining and Fox-ified to the max, they just didn't scream "Whedon." I'm not so sure any of his previous programs have ever felt as episodic as the first four episodes of Dollhouse. I'm excluding episode five, "True Believer," as I think it delivered the goods. However, with "Man on the Street" the Dollhouse cast, crew and production staff kicked things in to high gear.

This week's episode, "Echoes," continues that trend and, to jump ahead for a moment, you're not going to want to miss next week's suspense-filled and twisted installment, "Needs." More on that later.

"Echoes" began with a payoff I've been waiting for since scene one of episode one - more of Caroline's recruitment by Adelle DeWitt. It's here that we learned Adelle and anyone else at the Dollhouse, really, works for The Rossum Company, an organization for which Caroline obviously has disdain. Many questions about this scene were answered by episode's end, but what did Adelle mean by, "You and I have been doing this dance for two years"? Caroline was (is?) obviously someone who felt like she had to make a difference in life. She was involved in anti-war and animal rights causes. Did her crusade against The Rossum Company begin long before this set of flashbacks would lead you to believe? Did she know Adelle before crossing paths with her professional? If you'll remember, in the pilot Caroline says, "You're just loving this, aren't you?" To me, that definitely alludes to a personal history between these women.

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