'The Joneses' Review - Starpulse

This morning you probably got ready to go to work by putting on your work clothes, eating breakfast, grabbing your purse or your wallet, and maybe driving yourself into the office. After work today you'll probably go home, change into your 'going out' clothes, call your friends, and head out to blow off some steam. What if someone told you that everything you did this morning from picking out your clothes, to making your breakfast, to choosing where you're going wasn't entirely your choice? What if everything you decided to buy was instead a product of a new kind of marketing technique called stealth marketing and you're just another cog in the mass consumerism wheel? Well one, you'd probably roll your eyes and think you're talking to a conspiracy enthusiast, or two, and probably more likely, you'd be talking about the new movie, 'The Joneses' staring Demi Moore and David Duchovny.

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