Warehouse 13 Review: ''When and Where'' Season 2, Episode 10

In the wake of last week's game-changing development of H.G. Wells being added as an agent, this episode gave us a look at what kind of toys she brings to the game, as she shows off her fabled time machine in "When and Where."

Myka and Pete are no strangers to chasing artifacts. They are, however, strangers to 1961 where they ended up thanks to Wells (let's call her "Helena" from now on) sending their consciousness back in time. All the little nods to the 60s were great. To wit:

Myka getting called Doll and Sweetheart, Roxanne saying jeepers when she was scared, and nearly everyone was smoking. The whole thing had a little bit of a Back to the Future feel to it and made me giggle several times.

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