THE BIG C ''Two for the Road'' Review Episode 7

In the Two for the Road episode of THE BIG C, which I was lucky enough to see early, Cathy and Sean take a road trip to visit their father and Cathy gets a taste of what the news of her cancer will do to those she loves.

Paul and Adam bond and Paul drinks too much, embarrassing Adam (and me!) when he ogles Cathy's breasts in their wedding video. If there was any doubt Paul loves Cathy, it's gone, but whether that is or should be enough is still up for debate. Adam needs his parents so much and neither of them are there for him. Cathy's lost in her cancer and Paul is just lost. Marlene does more parenting this episode than either Paul or Cathy and she now owns Adam more than ever. Hey, kid, are you dead?

Lucky Marlene also changes Cathy's bandages. Cancer is literally a pain in my ass. Cathy learns a bit more about Marlene and gets a fresh perspective on her own life. You kicked your husband out, your kid hates you, and your brother's homeless. Save your tears for yourself. Somehow, this inspires Cathy to visit her father.

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