Review: White Collar - Hard Sell Episode 8

So the question that all White Collar fans have about this episode is whether or not they answer the big cliffhanger question from the fall finale. And that question, of course, is this: will Neal Caffrey wear a stylish hat this episode?

OK, so that's not the big question that fans want asked. They want to know what it meant when Peter was in the hotel room with Kate, wearing the ring, looking all bad guy-ish. Did the show explain that in this episode? Read on...

When this episode first started, I thought it was going to be one of those deals where a TV show has a daring, shocking finale and then in the next episode they sort of refer to it but, in general, leave fans wondering and guessing about what is going on while they go ahead with the "con of the week" plots (in this case, Neal going undercover at a sleazy boiler room operation).

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