Desperate Housewives Season 6, Episode 2: "Being Alive" - Recap

On Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, we find out what happened to Julie Meyer. Her attacker is still at large, but the neighbors' suspicions focus on Danny Bolen, with whom Julie appeared to have a perhaps-rocky relationship. Also, Susan helps Lynette make a very important decision. Bree's secret weighs on her. Angie, ever the protective mother, comes up with a plan involving Ana to cover for her wayward son - that is, until Gaby catches wind of it. Oh, and Katherine might have gone completely around the bend, sanity-wise, this week.


Mrs. McCluskey has a new boyfriend, y'all! She and Ray Bender (guest star Orson Bean) are a cute couple, and Karen is actually quite charming when she's lovestruck. The pair is out taking a stroll when they discover Julie Meyer lying in the grass.


Bree and Karl totally lurve doing it. That is all.

After Julie is attacked, though, Bree thinks they need to redouble their efforts to keep their affair secret, so as not to hurt Susan. When they sneak a kiss in the Julie's hospital room, Julie momentarily wakes up, opens her eyes, sees them and asks: "Dad?"

Bree spends the rest of the episode freaking out, first quizzing the doctor on what coma victims remember in those brief moments of lucidity. Then, she fumbles through an inquisition of Susan about Katherine going out with Mike, as if to judge how she might react to Bree sleeping with her other ex. Needless to say, it doesn't go well. What if Katherine had slept with, say, Karl, for whom Susan no longer has feelings? Bree asks. "No, that would never happen," Susan replies. "Katherine is a lady; she's not one of those dumb skanks who would fall for Karl's come-ons." Heh.

Despite the rift Bree knows her deception could cause, when Karl presents Bree with his motel-room key, she takes it. Never mind what was said earlier. We all know that Bree isn't a skank, and this was not a sleazy come-on. They might enjoy having sex, but they're also falling in love.

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