Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 1 - Valhalley of the Dolls Part 1

Phoebe is at a beach party hosted by a local radio station, (featuring Smash Mouth, no less) and is being interviewed by the disc jockey, Chad. He startles her by asking her if she is psychic, and wants an on-the-spot demonstration of her abilities. Phoebe asks him what he'd like advice on, and it's about asking out a woman he feels might turn him down. To the delight of the crowd, Phoebe tells him to "just ask her and find out". She appears to have had a little magical assist in knowing what he was thinking, however.

Back at the Manor, Chris is searching the BOS, and we see that like Prue, he can move the pages with his mind. A portal opens and a young female in warrior dress appears, telling him that her leader, Freyja, needs to know how much longer they must hide Leo. Chris replies that he isn't ready for Leo to reappear just yet, and the warrior girl, Mist, disappears back into the portal just as a far-too-cheerful Piper appears, asking Chris if he has any laundry for her to do.

At the beach party, Phoebe apologizes to Chad for putting him on the spot, but he tells her that she was correct, that he did want to go out with her. Going with yet another strange feeling, Phoebe asks him out because she senses he won't ask her. The date is at 1 pm and a restaurant is named. Chris orbs in at the beach to remind Phoebe she needs to get back home for a vanquish.

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