Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 3 Live Eviction/ Week 4 HoH Competition

Sometimes its difficult to watch BIG BROTHER when you know someone could be safe and they just continue to mess up their own game. Andrew is a prime case of this affliction. Last time we left the house guests, we saw Andrew attempting to prove to the house that not only was he not in cahoots with Brendon and Rachel, but he would be gunning for them in the upcoming weeks. Obviously, Andrew's acting chops aren't up to par with Meryl Streep's and the entire house became super suspicious of this maneuver. And Rachel is super upset that Brendon made any sort of deal with another house guest without her approval. Rachel doesn't believe that Brendon and Andrew know what they are doing, and for the first time, I actually believe in what this chick is saying. Matt made a point to tell Andrew that the rest of the house was worried about him, and that to make it another week he would have to suck it up and do some one on one conversations with these folks.

Kathy, while assuming she is safe, goes on the defensive with an actual true, heartfelt heartbreaking story of her battle with cancer and her son. Ragan, who is the only redeemable person in this house at this point, understands that Kathy is a fighter and might deserve to stay in this show. Andrew seeing that Kathy is working with what she has, specifically with Kristen and Brigade members, loses focus and gets beyond frustrated. This frustration makes Andrew freak out and attack Kristen, which results into a massive fight, alerting the rest of the house guests to question Andrew staying another week. It also exemplifies the lunacy that can develops in normal humans when they are locked in a house, on a soundstage, in front of cameras with strangers and away from their family and friends. So after this fight, Matt decides that this makes Andrew a better guest to keep another week.

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