Doctor Who: "The Time of Angels" Review

Let's be honest: if Steven Moffat had mucked this one up, there'd be hell to pay. Not that it was ever likely to happen, what with 'The Time of Angels' ushering in a return for the lead show writer's two greatest Doctor Who creations - the Weeping Angels of incontestable Who classic, 'Blink', and the inimitable Professor River Song from Series 4's 'Silence in the Library' two-parter.

It's two-part territory again and things kicked off with an electrifying pre-credit tease that packed in a cameo from The Streets' Mike Skinner, 12,000 years of timey-wimey cleverness, plus River Song flying out of an airlock in full evening dress. It was clear we were in for something special and, as the TARDIS landed on the windswept coast of the planet Alfava Metraxis, ready to reclaim the crashed Starship Byzantium's deadly cargo, The Time of Angels did nothing but deliver the goods.

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