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Emmy Semifinalists: Lead Actor and Lead Actress in a Drama

Yesterday we learned of the Emmy semifinalists for the Outstanding Supporting Actor and Actress categories, and today we can consider the lead actors and actresses.

And the semifinalists are:

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Gabriel Byrne - In Treatment

Kyle Chandler - Friday Night Lights

Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad

Patrick Dempsey - Grey's Anatomy

Michael C. Hall - Dexter

Jon Hamm - Mad Men

Eddie Izzard - The Riches

Hugh Laurie - House

Denis Leary - Rescue Me

James Spader - Boston Legal

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Patricia Arquette - Medium

Glenn Close - Damages

Minnie Driver - The Riches

Sally Field - Brothers & Sisters

Mariska Hargitay - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Holly Hunter - Saving Grace (2007)

Elisabeth Moss - Mad Men

Mary McDonnell, Battlestar Galactica

Kyra Sedgwick - The Closer

Jeanne Tripplehorn - Big Love

Predictions? Surprises? Snubs? Discuss!

Source: TV Guide


| 15:01 EDT, 24 Jul, 2008
As great as an actor that Hugh Laurie is, this isn't his year. Season 4 of the show has been great but the plot has been more concentrated on the supportive roles with the whole game of picking a new team. Laurie definitely deserves to win an Emmy but I think he deserved it more for the 2nd or 3rd season, especially the third season, his acting was exceptionally superb that season. James Spader stole the award from Laurie last year. Perhaps he should win this year just to compensate.
| 11:28 EDT, 19 Jul, 2008
The best actor on television is Hugh Laurie. I honestly can't understand why he hasn't won an Emmy yet. It's so obvious that he's the one. The guy is just special. Everybody loves him, he's brilliant, gorgeous, sexy, absolutely compelling, hilarious, tortured, you name it. He puts in an amazing effort in virtually every episode of House. He IS that show, and it's a damn good show. Good Luck to Hugh. He deserves the award.
| 00:41 EDT, 13 Jul, 2008
sallie field so we can hear her curse in the middle of ehr speech again (other thna that hate her) but honestly: MALE: love: laurie, spader, or halljust dont get: dempsey (??????) FEMALE: love: hartigay or ddriver
| 01:33 EDT, 10 Jul, 2008
I hope Hugh and Mariska win! They are my favorite Actor and Actress.
| 23:03 EDT, 07 Jul, 2008
I definitely vote Hugh Laurie...he's the only one I'm sure of though. Heck, only one I really care about.
| 14:02 EDT, 07 Jul, 2008
Hugh Laurie Should win !! dont really watch the others so i cant know what they are like but i love house so i think he should win :)
| 23:04 EDT, 06 Jul, 2008
Hugh Laurie and Mary McDonnell for the win, they're both fantastic and deserve to win it. You can watch their performances over and over again and never get bored, especially house its brilliant!!.... Although Michael C. Hall also deserves credit, Dexter is genius
| 15:14 EDT, 06 Jul, 2008
Glenn Close in Damages was amazing you couldn't decide if she was good or evil, yes she should defiantly win this year. Even though Grey's anatomy was weak this year I wonder why Ellen Pompeo never gets recognized, she's given some pretty good performances.
| 10:31 EDT, 04 Jul, 2008
Hugh Laurie for Best Actor. He's amazing. He can do amazing prop tricks, is an incredible musician, walks with a cane/limp all while talking in a flawless accent. Not to mention tackling the medical jargon...He definitely deserves it. As for Best Actress? Mariska Hargitay BY FAR!!!! She's an incredible actress. Did anybody see her in the SVU episode "Undercover"? She deserves an emmy for that alone. not to mention the rest of season 9....
| 19:01 EDT, 03 Jul, 2008
Micheal C. Hall is unbelievable, the character he plays is so dynamic, and he is brilliant in it.Denis Leary & Hugh Laurie are my other choices. For the girls, I don't really know, I'll just go for the one from BG so that that show gets some credit it deserves.
| 08:54 EDT, 03 Jul, 2008
MICHEAL C. HALL!!! PLEASE! There is no competition, he is an AMAZING actor.
| 23:01 EDT, 02 Jul, 2008
Good to finally see Patrick Dempsey nominated! YEY! He was fantastic in season 3 and 4! Woohoo! But i do think that Ellen Pompeo should have been nominated for Best Lead Actress. She really was great in season 3 and 4. Most passionate i've seen an actress in a while on prime time TV. If she isn't nominated the nominators are insane!!! I don't think anyone gives her enough credit! Do we actually know if this is the real list or is it just a prediction?
| 20:20 EDT, 02 Jul, 2008
Wow, Battlestar Galactica actually got a nomination. Mary McDonnell deserves to win but the rest of the cast and crew deserves some recognition as well! I'm also surprised that David Duchovny didn't get a nod for his work on Californication. And nobody from Pushing Daisies! Fortunately, Hugh Laurie did get nominated. He's never won an Emmy, has he?
| 18:33 EDT, 02 Jul, 2008
Bryan Cranston, Eddie Izzard, or Hugh Laurie to win, cant decide between them. their all good in their own ways As for the ladies, Minnie Driver is brilliant. I hope she wins

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