'Rescue Me' - 'Goodbye' Recap Season 6, Episode 9

They certainly didn't pace this season like it was only ten episodes. After a 22-episode fifth season, it's as if the writers forgot that you need to keep things moving when that finale is barreling down on you. It's coming at us next week, making this the penultimate episode of the season, and me not sure what the main point of the season was.

Sure, Colleen's drinking was addressed and handled in the only way Tommy knows, but we really didn't get to see enough of it for her situation to really impact us. We got virtually none of how it's affected Black Shawn and their relationship, and we certainly didn't see her experience any of the trauma that Tommy and his family have throughout the series. So why did we spend so much time on it?

Now, it looks like the season is about whether our various heroes should or shouldn't stay firemen. Lou's health has become an issue, Damian has been back-and-forth about his intentions, and Tommy ... well, Tommy won't be happy unless he dies in a fire.

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