Jon Stewart Thinks Sarah Palin Is a Hypocrite, Debates the Dr. Laura "N-Word" Issue (VIDEO)

Well, this particular controversy just might never end. Once again, we return to the issue of Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and her use of the "N-word." But now, we're adding Sarah Palin to the mix.

In case you have forgotten or haven't been paying attention: Dr. Laura used the "N-word" 11 times in a row while on her radio program. After the firestorm of controversy that resulted from this, Dr. Laura quit her show. Next, Sarah Palin instantly jumped to Laura's defense, claiming that Schlessinger's First Amendment rights were violated.

Specifically, Palin said that Laura had lost her right to freedom of speech. ... Now, on 'The Daily Show' (weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central), Jon Stewart and his correspondents jump into attack mode -- and call Sarah Palin a hypocrite.

The issue is this: Is Sarah Palin flip-flopping and changing her mind?

Palin was outraged that Dr. Laura had to resign from her show. But here's the thing -- despite her current defense of the First Amendment, Sarah has also called for a resignation based on the use of an offensive word. Previously, Palin demanded that President Obama fire his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Why did she demand this? Because Mr. Emanuel use the word "retarded."

'The Daily Show' tries to keep track of it all. So, Sarah Palin was offended when someone used the "R-word" once. But she was fine with Dr. Laura using the "N-word" 11 times in a row. Isn't that sort of a contradiction? This issue seems to be getting more and more complicated.

What do you guys think? Is Sarah Palin right, or wrong?

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