'Damages' - 'I Look Like Frankenstein' Season 3, Episode 8 Recap

So Arthur Frobisher is back, trying to rebuild his image with the wholesome message of wind power. He seems a little out of place to me, though. Like they stuck him in there just to bring him back, but he doesn't really fit into the big picture here. The scenes with him and Terry Brooks almost seemed like they were in the wrong season.

And Matthew McConaughey? That seemed like an odd placement in the show, for some reason. I guess I sort of think of 'Damages' as being in an alternative universe or something.

We learned yet more stuff about the dumpster, the flash-forward, and how everything fits in together: The fact that Tom and Ellen were going to start a law firm together, that the homeless guy is a friend of Tom's, that Tom and Ellen went there to see if he knew anything about Carol Tobin, that Lenny was the one knocking on the door in the flash-forward when Tom was talking on the phone, that Lenny brought Tom a bunch of money, and that Tom had invested a lot with Tobin. My first thought is that someone wanted that money, and that's how Tom ended up dead in the dumpster, but that's probably way too simplistic for this show.

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