Miami Medical's Mike Vogel Has a Trick Up His Scrubs in Handling the Medical Jargon

The jargon on medical procedurals can be a mouthful. Miami Medical star Mike Vogel, who plays Dr. Chris "C" Deleo, has a trick up his scrubs to utter the words.

"You do your best at the beginning of an episode to look up all the terms so that when you say it, you don't look like a complete idiot," Vogel tells us. "It sort of becomes a contest as to who can get through as many takes as possible without screwing them up."

Vogel says it's not just the series' heavy dialogue that sticks close to the real world. The show's glamorous South Beach location also takes after the Ryder Trauma Center located in Miami. Vogel says the splashy setting gives the show license for more exciting medical emergencies.

"We get to play with diving accidents and just the kind of things that can happen in a town like that where there's so much money and so much playtime," Vogel says. "The imagination kind of runs wild with how crazy the cases get."

With a group as close knit as the Alpha Team, the cases are just the beginning, since much of Miami Medical's drama stems from the surgeons rather than their patients.

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