Recap: "Elevator Love Letter"

In this episode of Grey's Anatomy, Derek works through the jitters as he returns to the OR for the first time since he lost his last patient, and Cristina continues to deal with Owen's post-traumatic stress disorder when it takes a seriously dark turn. Plus, Karev learns the importance of sticking by your loved ones while the other residents deal with Izzie's sickness in their own ways. So did Izzie come out of her first (of many) surgeries OK? Let's find out!

Hey guys, I'm Adam Bryant, srcubbing in for a travelling Erin this week. She will be back to her regular recapping duties for the next episode.

The episode opens with a Karev narration about how trauma messes everybody up, and truer words couldn't be spoken as far as this episode is concerned. Everyone at Seattle Grace is reeling in their own ways: Callie feels guilty for having felt angry toward Izzie after she stole George; George is furious that Izzie told Cristina instead of him; Derek is afraid Meredith won't stay with him if he is unsuccessful in the OR, and Karev is having trouble making his "contribution" to Izzie's harvested eggs.

That's right, the Chief comes to Alex to ask for a sperm specimen because harvested eggs perform better if fertilized. Although Alex agrees, he struggles with the decision, particularly because, as he says, "this isn't how Izzie and I were supposed to make a baby." It's nice to see Karev's emotional side peek its head out every now and then. But even so, Karev never told Izzie what he was doing, mainly because he didn't visit her throughout the day. Instead, he was tending to a very old patient who was on her last leg...and had been for three years. Although her family was initially pushy and impatient about flying out of Seattle (they had been coming across the country every time she almost died), they did help teach Karev a lesson: "Some people are better than no people." Karev put that lesson in motion when he allowed the interns to wait with the residents — who also had been avoiding Izzie all day — outside the OR, breaking the no loitering rule.

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