'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' - 'Banana Etiquette' Episode 7

I always hear the folks who don't watch 'Survivor' going on about how the castaways have it easy as far as real survival skills. Sure, being able to physically survive the elements and challenges is part of the show. But my own interest has always been more in the strategic angle. From the start with Richard Hatch, it's been shown time and time again that people manipulation skills can rule the game. Tonight was pure joy for me. It put me in my Happy Place. Why? Read on.

Perhaps this season touts some of the best castaways ever, but not all are great strategical players. For example, JT won his season with his brute strength, determination, and being a nice guy liked by all. Although he's hanging in, his flip-flopping strategy this season just isn't working for him. It's ruining his nice guy image, and he's only hanging in because he's physically strong. James was never a strategic player -- with that body, he's all physical. But he's the most accident-prone castaway ever. With his knee hurt this time around, he's a big guy who eats a lot, fusses with people, and doesn't win challenges. Rupert? Strategy? I don't think so! Cirie and Amanda were the strategic players on the Heroes.

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