'Cougar Town' - 'Turn This Car Around' Recap Episode 18

Is it weird of me to think that the less I see of Courteney Cox in an episode, the more I like it?

Don't get me wrong; since this show has settled into being an ensemble show instead of being just about Jules Cobb, Cox's performance has become more nuanced and realistic. But what's also been happening is that the surrounding characters' stories have become more interesting, while Jules stays the same wine drinkin' fool she's been since day one.

So tonight, when Jules vows to not drink wine for a month, we saw what happens when Jules Cobb turns into Monica Gellar. It wasn't pleasant, but it also wasn't as annoying as it seemed to be portrayed. More on this later.

As has been the norm recently, the episode was very loosey-goosey in nature. We don't have a situation where everyone's lessons are tied together and people learn and grow at the end. Sometimes things are just at stalemate, like Andy's rivalry with Bobby's new dog Travis. Yes, he named the dog after his son. But then again, he names everything he likes after Travis, including his junk. So you can tell that Jules isn't the only one screwing that poor kid up.

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