Recap The 4400: Season 4, Episode 7 - Till We Have Built Jerusalem

Jordan Collier and his followers seize control of the undesirable South side docks of Seattle, renaming it "Promise City". A square mile of the city is cordoned off with glowing devices that cause intense pain when approached.

Shawn Farrell is in a casual relationship with a woman whose mother he healed. However, Senator Lenhoff berates Shawn for his indiscretion as the media claim he exchanged his abilities for sexual favors.

The government sends a squad of enhanced soldiers to kill Collier; Maia Skouris has a vision of Collier's death, but her vision "continues" in utter darkness. Terrified this could mean the end of everything, Maia pleads with her mother, Diana Skouris and Tom Baldwin to save Collier from the soldiers. Before they can act, however, Maia sneaks into Promise City to stop Collier from being killed.

The soldiers are stopped, and Collier uses his ability to remove the promicin from the enhanced soldiers.

Maia gives Collier a fake prediction-if Collier causes any deaths it will result in eventual Armageddon.

In retaliation for the government incursion, Collier has the devices moved, doubling the size of Promise City.

Source: Wikipedia

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