Review: Big Love - Strange Bedfellows Season 4, Episode 3

Last week, The Onion's AV Club did a supportive review of the episode but a scathing review of the characters. In fact, the reviewer flat out called Bill Henrickson "dumb."

It sounds like a gross simplification of a very complex man. After all, here's a guy who is not only guided by his faith and the directions that it points him in, but also in his undying devotion to his family, the influences of his business and even his politics.

But to be honest, dumb isn't far off. In fact, it doesn't go far enough. The whole Henrickson clan is dumber than a pile of unpolished doorknobs in a sack marked "hammers."

Bill embarks on his quest for political glory by picking up some endorsements in the democratic muck that is D.C. He also brings Nicki along to patch things up between them when he's not out pressing palms for political pickups. This fails miserably when she brings her daughter along without knowing that JJ doesn't know where they are. JJ has always carried the air of a psychopath who is just one wrong button push away from dropping to Defcon 1, but he goes full boar when Nicki takes off with without knowing he wasn't informed. Despite this, she tries to make the best of her trip with her daughter and scared that JJ might track them down carries a handgun with her around and into government buildings. Dumb move number one.

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