Review: Caprica - Pilot (series premiere)

In the first few minutes of Caprica, SyFy's new Battlestar Galactica prequel, you might think the Cylons were perfectly justified to try to annihilate Caprica and the rest of the human race. The show opens on a hedonistic party where people are murdered for fun to throbbing dance music and onstage human sacrifice is cheered by a sweaty crowd.

But, as Battlestar Galactica fans might suspect, Caprica is more complicated than that. (See the full episode here).

That party was taking place in a virtual world, entered by users wearing a "holoband" - think of it as a realistic, 3D Second Life. So while none of that was real, it did reflect the inner demons of the people of Caprica, a society drowning in technology and ravaged by religious terrorism. This is the soup from which the Cylons and the near destruction of humanity arise.

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