'Bones' Season 5, Episode 17 Recap: 'Can we dance, Booth? It's Seal.'

Coming off last week's awesome 100th episode, Bones could've taken a bad, bad turn by trying to pretend that Brennan hadn't just crushed Booth's heart. To its credit, it found a fun way to address it: By having Brennan ask him to slow-dance to 'Kiss From a Rose' at her class reunion. He originally said no - the correct response for a man trying to protect himself from falling deeper for a woman who says she's incapable of being with him. But seeing her disappointment, he said yes, insisting they leave room for the Holy Spirit between them. Then, when Brennan teared up because she was finally experiencing the prom she never had, he held her close. Swoon. No wonder every single thirtysomething woman at that reunion hit on him. (Very realistic, by the way, and they hadn't even seen how good his biceps looked in that FBI T-shirt.) The only thing that could have made that dance scene better is if David Boreanaz had fast-danced to his full potential and not gone for a joke move (was that a sprinkler?) while Brennan did her famous Electric Slide. (I know you think I'm gonna pull out the Angel clip, but I actually prefer his pop-locking on The Graham Norton Show.)

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