'Project Runway' Season 7, Episode 13 Recap: Mod to the Max versus Cuckoo Chanel

Last night, we learned who would be competing at Bryant Park in the third slot. Notice I said competing, not showing. A deliberate choice of words that I alone seem to be capable of making. To wit: At the top of the hour, before she sent the four finalists back home with 9 grand in their pockets and at least 10 grand worth of big dreams in their heads, Heidi said to Jay and Mila, 'Only one of you will be showing at Fashion Week.' False, Frau Klum, false! As the world now knows, 10 designers showed at Bryant Park, including Jay, but only three competed for the season seven crown. The bald-faced lie inaccurate phrasing started last week and irked me all throughout tonight's episode, as every single person who referenced the Jay vs. Mila showdown followed suit. The sleight-of-tongue might not have bothered me so much if I didn't get the sense that all the Runway players had been instructed to do so by shadowy producers desperate to cover up the fact that they'd already diminished the importance of showing at Bryant Park by parading 10 collections, most of them utterly forgettable, up and down the catwalk in February. I mean, for cripes' sake, Janeane got to show there!

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