Review: DAMAGES Season 3

If two seasons of DAMAGES has taught this TV Addict anything, it's that those who say No to Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) do so at their own peril.

Which is why, rather than join Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) in turning our backs on New York's most powerful litigator following two years packed with a seemingly endless cadre of characters and a parade of plot twists so complex they make LOST feel like an easy-to-follow CBS procedural - here we go again, ready and willing to dive in for another season.

Viewers concerned that tonight's season premiere opens with Parsons trying to move on with her life as a upstanding member of the New York City District Attorney office needn't be. After-all, Patty Hewes is to the legal profession what Dexter Morgan is to dolling out justice. We may not agree with their methods, but there is absolutely no arguing with the fact that, dammit, they get results. Which means, the question is not so much if Parsons will be brought back into the fold, but when. Particularly with the third season of the FX legal thriller pitting Hewes against her most challenging and potentially dangerous adversary to date: Lily Tomlin.

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