'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Dina says sayonara

In this episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Dina and Danielle continue their heated discussion, Jacqueline and Ashley's relationship hits a boiling point and Dina hits the road.

Guilty ones run

We pick up right where the last episode left off - Dina and Danielle are going at it at Chakra. As all the patrons watch, Dina keeps trying to say her piece, but Danielle continually twists her words. At the end Dina is standing, poised to leave, and she tells Danielle she's crazy. Oh, how the truth stings! That sets Danielle off. She begins to quiver and yell, "Don't you ever call me crazy. Ever. Ever." Nuts. Then as Dina leaves, Danielle de-evolves (is that a word?) into a hurt kid on the playground, where the only thing she can make fun of is Dina's "fake" hair. As if Danielle's extensions were real. Later, she calls her ex-felons over and tells them how she never would have come if she knew Dina only wanted to talk about herself. This is my favorite line - Danielle says, "The guilty ones always run." This coming from a women with her criminal background and who changed her name? Nice.

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