'Stargate Universe' - 'Subversion' Episode 18 Recap

We were treated to an intricate little spy game this episode of 'Stargate Universe.' 'Subversion' offered some dense plotting and even a few '24'-style torture scenes as Young faced off with Telford on Destiny, and Kiva (guest star Rhona Mitra, hello!) kidnapped Rush to aid the Lucian Alliance.

Rush's dream about Telford acting as a double agent kicked off a new arc that will continue into next season, and it's a pretty exciting one. The Lucian alliance is back, and they're dead set on boarding Destiny.

Unfortunately for them, they kidnapped Rush instead of Eli. As we all know, Eli was the guy who unlocked the key to the ninth chevron that led Icarus to Destiny. Rush, as he reminded us with his "Quite possibly the rest of my life" remark, was never able to make a connection before Eli showed up. But perhaps the whole "do it or we'll kill you" threat will motivate him to get it right this time.

Of course, the Alliance had no idea who they were taking aboard their ship when they kidnapped Rush, hence the torture.

It's interesting how Kiva knew the person inhabiting Telford's body was a Destiny crewmember. Perhaps Telford warned her about his rocky relationship with Young and how he'd probably be the first one to suspect him of being a mole. Or maybe she figured that only someone who had been aboard Destiny would be bold enough to impersonate Telford to protect the ship. Either way, a zapped-out Rush eventually revealed his identity, and she promptly put him to work.

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