'Weeds' Season 6, Episode 4 Recap Recap

Sometimes, all we really want in this world is to belong and find some purpose in our lives.

Doug, who has been consistently a human parasite for the Botwins, went on a quest for some Botwin company. He'd found himself under the murderous thumb of Cesar and Ignacio, both of whom want nothing more but to use him as human target practice after they realize he's useless to them.

Admitting that he sleeps with a body pillow and lives a life with no significance, he ends up lying about knowing the whereabouts of the Botwins to save his life and maybe also to bring some last-minute purpose to his soon-to-be-cold body. He convinces Ignacio and Cesar that he can lead them to Andy -- and they are on their way in Cesar's leased vehicle.

By the way, note to Cesar: Why are you constantly in a cranky mood? Plus, are we really supposed to buy that you lease your vehicle?! Really? You are the No. 2 man in a Mexican drug cartel. You're not buying your expensive car in cold cash under an assumed name? The writers of 'Weeds' really need to do some more research on these things.

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