'Breaking Bad' - 'Fly' Recap Season 3, Episode 10

After a series of intense episodes, it seemed like this episode would ease the tension and be small and relaxed ... at least at first. We spend almost the entire episode within the confines of the lab, which could also serve as a metaphor for the inside of Walt White's brain.

One of the things that makes this show excel is that Vince Gilligan and his staff seem to have a knack for making the viewers feel as claustrophobic as the characters do when they feel trapped. '4 Days Out' from last season immediately comes to mind, when Walt and Jesse were stranded in the desert for days because of both men's arrogance and stupidity.

But here, the claustrophobia was all coming from Walt. He knows that he just made a deal with the devil, and he just wanted to distract himself by any means possible ... including swatting away a tiny "contaminant."

Before we do the deep dive into Walt's mind, let me ask you all a couple of questions:

1) When Walt stupidly lunged for the fly from the catwalk, bounced off one of his tanks, and crashed onto his back, didn't you think he'd be more injured than just a cut on the back of his head? I mean, that was a ten-foot drop, including a bounce, and what looked like a head smack.

2) Didn't you find it amazing that, no matter how doped up Walt was on those sleeping pills Jesse fed him, he wouldn't talk about watching Jane die? He talked about meeting Jane's dad, he talked about everything else about that day, but he wouldn't go that extra step, even though I thought he might slip and say something, especially when Jesse was up on that ladder. He was exhausted, and slipping in to unconsciousness. But somehow he kept enough of his wits about him to not tell the part of the story that would send Jesse around the bend. Walt knows he still needs him.

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