Recap - Modern Family 1.14 "Moon Landing"

Tonight's episode of Modern Family, "Moon Landing," explored how people worry about how the outside world views their family, and how that view reflects on them personally. The episode begins with the Dunphy clan making breakfast. Alex is collecting bottles for a charity that builds schools in Africa. A school made out of bottles sounds really cool to Luke. "That would be a special school. Hear that parents? I said 'special'," Alex says as she gestures toward Luke. This brother/sister mocking is the least of the family's problems. Haley reports the she just broke up with Dylan. "Noooooooo!!!" Phil bemoans. He'll just have to text Dylan later to make sure he's OK. Claire tells them she is going to meet her old coworker, Valerie, for lunch today. The kids are incredulous that their mother used to work. Oh yes, Claire used to wear sneakers to the office and change into pumps and everything. It was very Working Girl. "Ah, that movie so clutch!" Phil notes. Anyway, Claire quit because she wanted to focus on starting a family, so she married Phil. "And five months later…," Phil starts, but realizing what he is about to admit to, corrects his math, "…we were four months from having Haley." A (more?) uncomfortable conversation is avoided for the moment.

Mitchell and Cameron head over to Jay and Gloria's. Gloria has enlisted Mitchell to represent her after she got into a minor car accident. Cameron is very proud of Mitchell's skill as a lawyer. He wants Mitchell to become a Supreme Court justice. "Why, Cam?" Mitchell wearily implores Cameron. "So I can say my partner is one of the Supremes!" While Gloria takes Mitchell out to the scene off the accident, Jay and Cameron are off to the gym to play racquetball. Both are avid players so Cameron (as former Toganock, Missouri Recreation Center two-time champion) has challenged Jay to a match. Jay has tried to avoid the match-up for months. See, one of the reasons Jay goes to the gym is for the locker room atmosphere. How is he supposed to handle the locker room with a gay guy? To Jay, it's just a locker room, but to Cameron, it's a show room. Jay relents though, and agrees to the showdown. In the locker room, Cameron registers his surprise that Jay wears boxers; he's always pictured Jay in tightie whities. "Next time you picture me, leave out my underwear," Jay requests. The two shed their underwear, and accidentally touch butts! Jay freaks out. Was that really, Cameron wonders, Jay's first "moon landing?" "You have a name for it?" Jay incredulously asks. " Of course. When it happens after a shower it's called a 'Splashdown.'" Jay is left mortified.

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