To Prepare For His New Movie, Ben Affleck Met With Bank Robbers (VIDEO)

Actor Ben Affleck is the writer, star, and the director of the new film 'The Town.' And as it turns out, he did a little extra research to ready himself for the motion picture. 'The Town' follows the adventures of four bank robbers as they're chased by the FBI. Affleck wanted some extra realism for the role, so he met up with some real-life robbers.

On 'The Daily Show' (weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central), Ben explains this process to Jon Stewart. "Now, how do you get a hold of bank robbers?" Stewart asks. Here's Ben's answer: "The Google." Yep; true story. Affleck simply did an Internet search for some criminals.

In order to find the bad guys, Ben searched for robbers in Boston. Then he "cold-called" the prisons where they were held, saying, "Hi! Ben Affleck here!" To be honest, if we ever received a call from "Ben Affleck," we would assume it was a prank and hang up instantly. But according to the actor, most wardens and prisoners are lonely and pretty bored, and are apparently willing to talk to anyone. So the whole thing worked out.

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