'Big Brother 11' Feed Update: A Very, Very Mad World, Mad World

Before the Wizard wielded his power, there was Russell and Lydia. Whether it's dying or being on the Big Brother block, there's a certain freedom you get when you're so close to your eventual doom. It's probably why Russell has finally cracked.

He's certainly showed how crazy he can get, from an inebriated giggle fit to fruiting up his shorts. He's been trying to piss everyone off, even the show's production team. But over at the live feeds, the Shotgun finally had a meltdown. .

There could be several catalysts to the guy's trip down in the dumps - the crazy Chia Pet, being locked up in a house, the crazy Chia Pet, all the lies, and of course the crazy Chia Pet. If that wasn't enough, there was also this little fight with Jessie that morning. Wow, of all people to bully.

Russell attempted to intimidate Jessie by telling him he was better than him at everything. The Lovemuscle even threatened the Abominable Hulk - "You wanna go pound for pound? Don't walk in here like you're all godly all mighty!"

Jessie replied with, "Entertain me. You've got one little straw to stand on."

It looked like blows were about to be exchanged lickety-split. They were really in each other's faces, rage written on every vein in their biceps. "WWE is in the house right now!" Russell yelled.

Then there was laughter.

"Love it, you've been working on the acting," he told Jessie, who starts doing the announcer voice. Well, that's that. I would've liked to see some carnage, but no. They're not man enough to give us even a broken nose! Boo, no Fight Club tonight.

Chima sees through all this and off she goes bashing Russell again. "He wants to go out with a bang," she tells the others. Unfortunately, that isn't exactly what Russell's been planning.

Over at the pool room asylum, the guy's just talking to the camera. Seriously, it wouldn't take much to visualize a straitjacket.

"It's gone downhill, America!" the Shotgun cried. "This is Russell depressed." And where are those acoustics when you need them?

"This is what rock bottom looks like, America. Rock bottom, this guy." He then points to himself, and ends up discussing the color of the candy he was eating. What?

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