'Big Brother 11' Thoughts: The Wizard Makes Jessie Disappear

The episode may not be live, but my thoughts are tonight on Big Brother 11. As you may know by now, tonight's "live" eviction episode is being tape-delayed because HoH Chima has threatened to throw a primo, profane hiss fit if the mystery power is used and her nominations are thrown out. As a result, we already have spoilers about what happens, but to read those, you'll have to click on this link.

Will Jeff use the Coup d'Etat (or Coop-Dee-Tah, as he calls it)? Who will be evicted and who will be the next HoH? And more importantly, will Chima have a totally awesome freakout?

We've already seen Chima repeating Braden's profanities on a live eviction episode, we saw Casey call Ronnie a "dorkopotamus" and we saw Ronnie call Michele the worst person he's ever met. In other words, it's going to take a major league meltdown to take the title of "Best Live Eviction Moment" for Big Brother 11.

Julie Chen is in da house with a black dress with white polka dots. Due to her baby bump, she looks a little like the ever-expanding nighttime sky.

The single best thing about the production of this show could be that the "Previously on" package always ends with some random funny moment, and this time, it's Jeff clucking in his chicken suit. Genius!

Jessie pees his pants all week long terrified of the Wizard, aka the holder of the Coup d'Etat. He's clearly not as dumb as he looks, because he and Natalie decide that Jeff or Jordan has it, so they cozy up to them and try to be BFFs so that the Wizard won't strike them down.

Russell still thinks he has a chance to stay but it's hard because even if he gets Jeff and Jordan, he needs two more, because there's no way Chima would keep him with a tie-breaker. He tries to butter up Jessie, but that doesn't work, so he goes to Michele, but Jessie decides to sabotage that by bringing up Russell calling Michele a psycho.

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