Top Moments of the Week: Intrigue on True Blood, Mad Men and... Hot in Cleveland?

Television was a place of intrigue this week. Top Chef set the tone with a CIA-themed challenge. Bachelor Pad showed us a classic double-cross. Ari fell victim to a well-executed bluff on Entourage. The Jersey Shore girls tried their hand at skullduggery. Hot in Cleveland threw Elka in the slammer for her covert ops. And True Blood revealed a madman's plan for world domination. Welcome to Top Moments: Cloak and Dagger Edition.

10. Best-Timed Exit: On Top Chef, the cheftestants are asked to disguise a dish to serve to members of the CIA, including director Leon Panetta. During the rather subpar dinner, Panetta pulls the ultimate spy move: He excuses himself abruptly after he is handed a note by the waiter. Maybe he's off to investigate Pea Puree-gate?

9. Best Double-Cross: As the house becomes divided on Bachelor Pad, Gia has all the power when she wins immunity. She sets in motion a plan to oust the "cool kids," even promising Craig M. she'll give him a rose on her 3-on-1 date. But as soon as she lays eyes on bad-boy Wes, she goes back on her word and gives the rose to him instead, leading Craig M. to be voted out.

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