DROP DEAD DIVA ''The Queen of Mean'' Review Season 2, Episode 8

Cybil Shepherd guest stars as Ellie Tannen, a fashion designer whose assistant is publishing a tell-all biography, in The Queen of Mean episode of DROP DEAD DIVA. Ellie hires Jane because she thinks she's a pushover and when Jane is about to win the case, Ellie suddenly drops it. She only wanted publicity to launch a new discount clothes line, but when she learns the final chapter of the book reveals her degenerative eye disease, she re-hires a reluctant Jane to finish the job. Grayson and Kim represent a transgender woman (Candis Cayne) who was a man when she married but a woman when her wife died. Her in-laws are suing for their daughter's estate but Jane leads Grayson to a precedent to win the case and let true love triumph.

Jane dreams she's dancing with Thunder from Down Under and then, to throw cold water on a hot fantasy, Hank the Bailiff, in a good start to a mostly lighter than air episode. Stacy's attempt at dream interpretation-that Jane needs to date Hank-leads to a hilariously awkward fake dinner party with Jane, Stacy, Fred, Hank, and Hank's date Jasmine. Fred accidentally calls Jasmine's job as a court reporter worthless and Stacy and Hank awesomely imitate Pee Wee Herman.

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