Big Brother 12 Episode Recap: Eviction 6

Big Brother 12 finally delivered a twist that lived up to the reality franchise's mantra: expect the unexpected. Of course, viewers fully expected what transpired, but the houseguests were rocked when Matt, whom the entire house was prepared to send home, unveiled his secret diamond power of veto and saved himself. So, who did Matt put on the chopping block instead? Who became the next member of the jury? And who is the next head of household? Let's find out!

Julie Chen began the night promising the biggest night of blindsides the game has ever seen. I would argue that last season's coup d'état was a bigger shift, but nobody asked me. First, some catching up: After Ragan saved himself using the traditional golden power of veto Wednesday, he was still a sobbing mess because Matt's nomination in his stead was bittersweet. Matt simply listened to Ragan's pity, all the while knowing everything was going to be OK.

Matt did take the chance, however, to see just how strong his alliance with the Brigade is. Since he also couldn't tell them of his dastardly plan, he began looking to see where Enzo's alliance falls. Enzo and Hayden both promised Lane, who was also on the block with Matt, that they were voting Matt out of the house. But Enzo tipped his hand when he asked Matt if he would still vote for a Brigade member to win if Matt was sent to the jury house. Matt saw right through it, and began to wonder if Enzo should be the replacement nominee.

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