The Simpsons Episode Recap: "The Devil Wears Nada" Season 21, Episode 5

After three weeks of being off the air due to baseball (who really cares about the World Series when the St. Louis Cardinals aren't in it anyways?!?), The Simpsons are finally back. We were excited to have our Sunday night of viewing back to normal.

Our trusty episode synopsis: Marge poses for a "Philanthro-Chicks" calendar to raise money for charity, and the photographer eases her inhibitions with wine, resulting in some provocative photos that make her the talk of the town.

However, the episode was so much more than just that......

The episode starts out with the Marge and the "Philanthro-Chicks" deciding how to raise money for their charity since their bake sale for obesity went so well (they raised $112). After looking through the Springfield Police Department's charity calendar (featuring members of the police force in provocative poses), the ladies get inspired to pose for their own calendar with a theme of "women throughout history." The ladies set up their photo shoot at a local photography studio - "Shot in the Face Productions" where the photographer gets Marge loosened up with copious amounts of wine. Numerous unintentionally sexy photos of Marge ensue and the calendar ends up being made up only with 12 different sexy photos of Marge.

Meanwhile, Homer becomes Carl's new executive assistant after Carl is promoted to supervisor. (And so the Devil Wears Prada parody begins). Carl is a very demanding boss - so much so that Homer's entire life, including his personal time, become all about pleasing Carl. Marge, feeling sexy and amorous after seeing all the fuss she's caused with her erotic calendar shoot, tries unsuccessfully to seduce Homer by opening her robe for him at the breakfast table to get him in the mood. Homer, so worn and tired from constantly being at Carl's beck and call, sees two of Carl's heads where Marge's breasts should be. Marge tries to start the fires again that night with some "sexy dice" that has six different verbs on one and six different nouns on the other. Marge rolls "Nuzzle..Neck" to get things started. Unfortunately, all of the dice pairings that Homer roll don't make any sense - "Lick...Eyes," "Spank...Hair," "Whisper... Into Ass." Ha ha. To make things worse, Carl calls Homer to Paris right in the middle of it all.

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