Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 21 - Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes

Dawson is working on a paper about Casablanca and he talks about how Bogart's change in character in Casablanca compares to a character in his life, Mrs. Kennedy. Dawson complains to Joey about the paper and Joey tells him that he should be fine with it since it is his film final. Joey suggests that he should interview someone, so he tries to interview Joey. Joey refuses to answer his questions and then leaves his room.

Andie walks downstairs to see her father at the house. Andie asks him why he is here and he tells her that he knows about what she is going through. Andie tells him that Jack and Pacey helped her through everything, but when Andie asks him why he is there, he tells her that Jack called him. Mr. McPhee tells Andie that they are leaving to go get her help, but she wants to stay and finish off the school year. She walks off in anger. Dawson tries to interview Jen, but she refuses to be interviewed at the beginning, but then relents. She then starts talking, but she tells him that she is having problems in her life because of her hair style change. Dawson finds Joey and tries to get her to do the interview, but she declines the offer. Dawson then finds Pacey and starts interviewing him. Pacey tells him about how his life has changed because he found inspiration in Andie. Then, the conversation turns sad and then Dawson decides to turn the camera off and just talk to Pacey like a friend. Pacey tells Dawson that he is torn about what to do about Andie. He then walks off, telling Dawson that he needs to find another hero. Andie finds Pacey in the hallway and tells him that her father returned and he wants to take her to go get help. Pacey tries to reason with her, but she tells him that her father is mean and she just wants to stay in Capeside and get help here. Andie tells Pacey that her father is taking her to get help the next day. Pacey tells her that she is not going to be leaving.

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