Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 22 - Parental Discretion Advised

Dawson and Joey are watching a movie about love, but Dawson gets tired of hearing about sad love and turns off the TV. Joey tells Dawson that she thinks that love stories that don't have an ending are the best ones. Dawson gets concerned because she tells him that she feels like that in her own life and that circumstances get in the way. Dawson asks her if she will love him despite circumstances and she says that they will have a happy ending.

In the kitchen, Dawson asks Gale for her advice about whether or not to tell Joey about her father selling drugs in the back of the ice house. Gale tells Dawson that she has decided to take the job in Philadelphia because Mitch has done nothing to reassure her that he feels the same about her. Dawson shows up at Joey's house to walk with her to school and runs into Mr. Potter and asks him how he is doing and if it is legal. Mr. Potter doesn't respond and tells Joey and Dawson that they can use the ice house to study and they can eat some of the old food since the ice house is closed for renovations. Jack and Jen walk to school and eventually start talking about teen suicide, but the conversation is interrupted by Grams. Jen walks over to Grams and tells her that she is not going to do well living with Jack, but Jen refuses to move back and she walks off. Pacey gets dropped off by his father, but Pacey overhears a radio call about surveillance at the ice house. Pacey asks his father if they are bothering Mr. Potter. Mr. Witter tells Pacey to not mess things up at the ice house and that he is just doing his job and that he needs to straighten up his attitude since Andie left. Pacey puts his head down on the desk when the finals are passed out. Dawson meets up with Mr. Potter at the ice house and tells him that he saw him with Pete and the drugs. Dawson tells him that he is being selfish and is putting drugs in front of his family. Mr. Potter tells him that he is stuck, but Dawson tells him he needs to fix the problem and walks out.

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