The Prisoner 1.04 "Darling" - Recap

The second half of Monday night's The Prisoner, or the fourth episode of the miniseries (yes, the full recap will be posted tomorrow), exposed some rather large plot developments. 6 is matched up with 415 by the Modern Love Bureau of the Village (sort of like a mandatory eHarmony), who actually turns out to be Lucy, the girl from his past, though she is blind and seems not to remember him. Meanwhile, 313 and 2 work together to kidnap 6 at night, though it is revealed that 313 is in love with 6. However, she is being forced to inject 6 with chemicals that make him fall in love with 415. 6 and 415 fall in love and quickly decide to get married, even though 313 tries to stop the chemicals from working. 313 even kisses 6 at his wedding, though he is still in love with 415, and follows her out to the mountains, where she meets with the glowing white ball, which apparently supplies her with her memories back, though she realizes that 2 brought her to the Village only to break 6's heart. This erases 6's love for her.

Meanwhile, a giant hole is developing in 147's yard, and when he's not looking, his little daughter, 832, falls in. Though he desperately attempts to save her, he is told by 2 that the hole is oblivion, and that the girl is gone. However, Lucy flings herself into the hole some time later, and causes an explosion in New York City. 6, who is somehow in New York as well as the Village, looks up in shock, and 2's comatose wife, who is also in New York, opens her eyes and gasps in shock.

aled that 313 is in love with 6.

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