Major Stories Revealed on New 'Brothers & Sisters' Trailer

They could've held back a bit, but it's a bit too late for that. All the highlights of the upcoming season of Brothers & Sisters have been revealed in 30 seconds and it'll be great if anyone watches the show because of that. Die-hards of the show better tune in then.

Below's the sneak preview of the fourth installment of ABC's Brothers and Sisters, premiering in a few days. If you don't wish to spoil your happy viewing experience, skip away now. Spoilers abound under the jump.

Another mother's in town and things don't look so pretty. Returning for this season is Ida Holden, and her difficult relationship with daughter Nora (Sally Field) will take another crazy spin.

While Nora might want to walk away from that problem, there are two other characters walking a different path - down the aisle. The trailer shows Justin (Dave Annable) finally slipping the ring onto the finger of Rebecca Harper (Emily VanCamp). The couple finally gets engaged and you'd expect great things to follow, but this clearly won't be the case.

Nora and her nemesis Holly (Patricia Wettig) attempt to throw an engagement party for the newlyweds-to-be. With obvious tension between them, this doesn't go smoothly and eventually damages the relationship between Justin and Rebecca.

Things get worse as Justin heads to medical school, spending less time with his fiancee. We reported earlier that Joe Morton will be portraying his incredibly tough mentor, certainly another roadblock to marital bliss.

The rest of the family won't be in good spirits as well. Kitty (Calista Flockhart) finds out that her health is in jeopardy, and she's devastated when she receives the news. The preview also shows Amy Aquino as her doctor, but the details of the disease have been kept secret.

Here's the sneak preview for the upcoming fourth season of ABC's Brothers & Sisters. What other problems will befall the Walkers now? Find out when the new installment premieres later this month.

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