'Justified' Episode 8 - 'Blowback' Recap

The running joke about Raylan blowing away some poor perp per episode can finally be put to rest.

Raylan went out of his way to spare the life of a man determined to let himself die. His gun barely spent more than five minutes out of its comfy home on Raylan's hip.

His actions and the ensuing events surrounding this gripping episode not only set up another interesting cliffhanger, but it also opened up the psyche of a man who has a much deeper mind than his cowboy hat can contain.

The use of a hostage situation as a plot device not only made for some great tension and interesting action, but it gave Raylan a chance to grow as a character and a person. And, yes, they are two separate things. A person in a play, a movie or a show is just the guy or gal on stage who moves the plot along and keeps things interesting. The character in them makes everything worth watching. The plot might feature huge gasoline truck explosions or hang-gliding ninjas (that alone would make any play twice as interesting), but the character always makes for the best fireworks.

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