Stargate Universe: Kino Webisode 18 "New Kind of Crazy" - Recap

This week's Kino webisode featured an epilogue to last week's SGU episode, "Time", which I still gives me chills thinking about it. It also re-explains the time loop scenario that Dr. Rush expounded to Young, Greer, and Eli when he figured out the problem.

The webisode opens with Scott and Eli talking about them finding two Kinos on a planet that explained to them the events that happened in "Time". They took Scott's advice, went back and retrieved the aliens during the daytime. TJ is now working on a cure for their sickness from the ice from the ice planet. Scott tells Eli to explain the solar flare/time loop scenario, but Eli shows us a recording of Riley (YEAH!) explaining the time loop with his computer and pretty much repeating Rush word for word. Eli remarks on how complicated the science is and Riley only says that it is fairly simple to him, nonchalantly. HA!

OK, Eli. You think that the science behind a solar flare is confusing, but you crack a code to open a wormhole to a distant universe? I am so wagging my finger at you, bruh.

Anyways, the webisode ends with Scott and Eli telling us that Volker and Chloe are in fact sick and that they owe their lives to the Alternate Scott, who is probably somewhere dead now.

I bet this webisode calmed a lot of people down who didn't like how the show ended last week, but I thought "Time" ended boldly and probably got some cheers from 'non fans' out there.

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