The Girls Next Door: Holly Madison's Struggle in the Playboy Mansion

Life isn't exactly easy for the rich and beautiful, or maybe they're just making up sob stories so they'll seem more human. But if we're talking about plastic surgery here, the definition of human is another matter. So Holly Madison of The Girls Next Door had quite some issues growing up.

On an interview with Life & Style, she admitted how she wasn't always that curvy blonde lady able to make heads turn with the snap of a finger. Back then, she had to deal with issues of self-confidence as she constantly hoped for a miracle on her chest size.

"I always stuffed my bra," Holly revealed. She even recounted the tale of how slow she had to go with her boyfriend so he wouldn't find out about her secret. Ever since high school, she'd always thought bigger was better. She just buckled up and tried to do something about that wish of hers.

She did become a head cheerleader eventually, but it still wasn't enough. Even so, Holly Madison managed to become a huge part of Playboy and got into the mansion just like she hoped. Unfortunately, that didn't stop her from worrying about her image.

"Living with Hef brought down my self-esteem a lot," Holly admitted. "I was comparing myself to the other girls. Hef always said he didn't want me to get anything done."

She didn't listen to the man's advice though, getting rhinoplasty in 2003. Soon she was being photographed nonstop and earning even more popularity. "Plastic surgery made it easier for me to get things I wanted in my career."

Well, she still won't admit that she's encouraging every insecure girl to try it out. "Beauty is on the inside. Looks don't define you--they're just a tool to get what you want." Wait, so does that mean plastic surgery is only an option if you want to be Holly Madison? Either way, no thanks.

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