Joseph Fiennes Ready to Go 'Flash Forward'

If there's a series that we can look forward to (pun not intended, but haha) this fall, it's ABC's FlashForward. It's not just because it's been billed as the next Lost, but it's because of the interesting premise and the all-star cast. Leading the pack is English actor Joseph Fiennes, who I wouldn't really know about if it wasn't for his brother Voldemort.

Anyway, Joseph Fiennes has his own brilliant list of credentials. He portrayed Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love and Martin Luther in Luther. With those title roles, it's only natural he get himself into television and bag the lead role in Flash Forward. He's just as excited as we are.

"I think I have David [S. Goyer] to blame and his extraordinary team['s] good writing," Fiennes told CanMag. "I think film is a director's medium. [Television] just seems like it's a medium for writers. I was really excited by the script and the complexities and also really that the idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy, I think, is there's this conflict."

The unique concept of Flash Forward hopes to bring in the viewers, and it's bound to succeed. People getting a limited glimpse into the future contains endless possibilities for stories, as well as a good look into the psyche of humans.

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Sep 5, 2009 12:58PM EDT

this will hopefully be good, it looks good from what ive watched so far.

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