Recap: "I Trust You But I Trust Me More"

In Survivor's season finale, we find out whether the partnership that brought Stephen and J.T. to the final four can survive until the end, and who wins it all. As an added bonus, we find out whether Coach passed a lie detector test about being captured by Amazonian natives before the game.

We start the episode with a recap of the season that reminds us how crucial it was that Stephen, J.T., and Taj - the survivors of the Jalapao tribe - formed an alliance with the Timbira tribe's Erinn once the two tribes merged. Though Timbira went into the merge with six members to Jalapao's three, Jalapao was able to eliminate every single member of Timbira, except for Erinn. And now of course only Stephen, J.T., Taj and Erinn remain.

Who are these people? Taj is a smart and athletic former R&B singer. J.T. is a charming Southerner from humble roots. Stephen, with whom he partnered at the start of the game, is a smooth-talking New Yorker. Erinn, a hairstylist, coasted in under the radar as Stephen and J.T. blindsided a series of more threatening challengers.

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